My Writing

Here are all of my published stories, collected in one place!

Original Fiction:

  • “The Devil in the Archives” (Science fiction): An intelligence operative investigates a planet where three hundred million people died on the orders of their enigmatic ruler. But as he explores the archives of the fallen regime, he comes face to face with an evil that survived the catastrophe. ( Complete; 4,660 words.
  • “The Return” (Fantasy): The young wizard Kalina is on the cusp of the greatest achievement in the history of magic: the bridging of the astral plane, and the sundering of the final barrier to human knowledge. Her ritual, however, brings back something she didn’t expect… ( Complete; 3,289 words.

Fan Fiction:

  • Gifts of the Blood God (Warhammer 40,000): Amid the mud and ruins of a distant planet, an Imperial Guardsman witnesses horrors that shatter her faith and set her on the path to heresy. On hiatus; 32,203 words. (
  • False Imperium (Warhammer 40,000/Star Wars): Years have passed since the Empire completed the Death Star and cemented its reign of terror across the galaxy. Palpatine, looking for new worlds to rule, turns his eye far outside the known universe, to the Imperium of Man. The clash that follows shall try the resolve of both sides, and involve dark powers not even the Sith can master. New chapters posted weekly or biweekly; 34,044 words. (
  • “Oceania 1991” (Nineteen Eighty-Four): Seven years after the events of Nineteen Eighty-Four, the endless war rages on. Unbeknownst to the Oceanian leadership, however, a new threat to the status quo is brewing, and to stop it an Inner Party member and a soldier must venture into the heart of enemy territory. Ongoing; 9,587 words. (
  • “Hive” (Warhammer 40,000/Aliens): People have started turning up dead in the Vaulgast underhive, their chests ripped open from the inside. A police detective, suspecting some form of parasitic outbreak, launches an investigation to reveal the truth-only to encounter a grave threat brought back from the fringes of known space. Ongoing; 1,220 words. (

I will also be publishing a novel sometime in the indeterminate future. Stay tuned!

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